Who’s got time to Blog?

Wanted to pop in here and say that at some point in time I might get around to actual blogging! With 8 three week old puppies at my feet that can be challenging!

Baby Judge Ginny napping at my feet 🙂

Puppies are 3 weeks and 3 days old today. As of last Sunday they had all quadrupled their birth weights. Their hair is growing and is SO soft and getting curly. They all have their eyes open now and are vocal and toddling around… still walking like drunk sailors, lol! They’ll get better at walking in the next few days.

Patchi is doing amazingly well. She is such a good mommy. So patient with 8 pups trying to nurse at the same time. Cleaning them, loving on them. And we are spending time each day holding and loving on them and getting them socialized.

From Day 3 to Day 16 I performed daily Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) on each puppy.

Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to ENS, including improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate); stronger heart beats; stronger adrenal glands; more tolerance to stress; and greater resistance to disease. For more information you can read about it here: https://breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation

So that’s all I have today!

Published by flamidwyfe

I am a midwife working all over the world. I am from south Florida. I love traveling and catching babies!!

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