Sandi Sandelier Blankenship

I moved home to Florida in September 2012. Since then I have traveled to more than a dozen countries as a traveling midwife, delivering babies for expats living in countries where they may not get an optimum birth. That’s where I come in!
I successfully completed the Dukan Diet and lost 111 pounds and kept that weight off for 23 months and then started back-sliding when a broken foot and other “life” issues happened. I have since gained back 80 of those pounds 😦 I am working towards the goal of going back on Dukan in September. Keeping weight off for some of us is such a hard thing to do.
I now have a 7th grandchild, Steele, who is nearly 3 years old. And I’m now 52. And I plan on walking the Camino again next summer.

So that’s the update and I’m sticking to it! 🙂


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